Church members are invited to join any ministry at any time.


Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, through the acolyte program, encourages its young people to become active members in its weekly services. It provides a valuable opportunity where the youth can exhibit their loyalty and love of God. While the acolytes’ primary purpose is to serve the Lord, they can benefit from their experience in other ways. For example, by executing their various assignments they learn responsibility and dedication. As a result, young servers can strengthen their spirituality and character.

Altar Guild

Altar Guild members have a ministry of prayer. In every congregation no one is more serious about devotional life than those in the Altar Guild. Whether or not they are “on duty” they are regular in their worship. Altar Guild members are the spiritual backbone of most congregations.

Altar Guild members help to create the visual centrality of worship. By preparing the altar with care, they help all of us keep the work of the church in perspective. As is customary the Altar Guild functions quietly behind the scenes preparing the Altar for church services, weddings, baptisms, funerals and other events during the Church’s calendar year.

Bible Study Group

The Bible Study Group explores and critically discusses Bible passages and other relevant texts in order to deepen and expand knowledge of the scriptures and apply them to daily Christian life. As a result of participation in the group, members increase their love and appreciation for personal Bible study and achieve greater awareness of how to be better disciples of Christ and witnesses to His presence.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

The ECW includes all women of the church in its membership.The women of the church join in fellowship to serve the community and the congregation. From conducting fundraisers (including the United Thank Offering-UTO) and wellness activities to the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Father’s Day, and Women’s Day celebrations. The ECW actively supports the efforts and mission of the church.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry is a fellowship for all men, who are associated with Holy Comforter. There are no conditions for membership except those two criteria. The Men’s Ministry attempts to foster both a sense of fellowship and stewardship in the men of the church through various activities. These include Prayer Breakfasts, fundraisers, and workdays to maintain the church building and grounds. The Men’s Ministry also provides adult male support to the Junior Church and works to create mentor relationships between its members and the youth of the Church.

The Order of the Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King is an order of laywomen who are communicants of the Episcopal Church or churches who are in the Historic Episcopate. Members undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service by reaffirmation of the promises made at confirmation. A Daughter pledges herself to a life-long program of prayer, service, and evangelism, dedicated to the spread of Christ’s Kingdom and the strengthening of the spiritual life of the parish.

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Prayer and Evangelism Ministry

The Prayer and Evangelism Ministry seeks to use devotion and prayer to enable others to experience its healing powers and to use prayer to minister to others as we strive to improve our spiritual lives. The Ministry conducts workshops, collaborates with church members to organize an annual Lenten Retreat, and conducts individual telephone prayer sessions with the Men’s Prayer and Women’s Prayer groups.

Music Ministries

Music is an important component of the worship experience at Holy Comforter. Led by our dynamic music ministry director, Ms. Rene Harper, our music ministries include a Senior Choir, Gospel Choir, and instrumentalists. On each Sunday, at special services, and at concerts throughout the year, the music ministries provide music chosen to align with the week’s scripture readings, helping to glorify, edify, and minister to all. These components celebrate the cultural diversity of our church. On occasion, we also have Steel Pan Orchestras, which utilize these traditionally Caribbean instruments to infuse global rhythms into the worship experience.

Stewardship Ministry

The purpose of the stewardship committee is: To help members of Holy Comforter live generously and thankfully, through the understanding of the transformative power of Christian giving of our time, talent, and treasure as we strive to uphold and implement the mission of the Church of the Holy Comforter.

Junior Church Ministry

The purpose of Junior Church is to teach the Bible and to help children and teens grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and his Word. Junior Church classes are held on Sunday mornings during the regular church service. Classes are typically organized by age group, with separate classes for children and teenagers.

Young Adult Ministry

Ministry with Young Adults engages them in peer ministry, as well as family ministry. Effective ministry acknowledges, understands, respects, and celebrates the cultural diversity of individuals and communities. Effective ministry facilitates and engages young adults in an awareness of and an invitation to the work of justice, peace, and compassion.

Ushers Ministry

The purpose of the Church Ushers is to serve as doorkeepers in the House of the Lord. Ushers have various duties to perform which include greeting and seating worshippers, helping to make worshippers comfortable, assisting with offering, and other duties in distributing information and resources to the congregation.

Community Outreach Ministry

Every church has a growth strategy. As church believers in Christ, we are called to spread the love of Jesus everywhere and to everyone. One of the ways we can reach people is by consistent outreach. By meeting the needs within our communities, we display God’s love and offer up an invitation to get to know Him better through our church. For example, two ways to help is to encourage baptism and confirmation to new members through the Community Outreach Ministry.